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What happened to Harambe?

posted by Humanele on June 9, 2016

Just last week, you couldn’t scroll through your Facebook feed, open Instagram or watch TV without hearing about what happened to Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo.

On May 28th a young zoo visitor fell into Harambe’s enclosure, resulting in the Zoo’s decision to shoot the animal. Social media, protestors and news sites took sides as arguments erupted – some saying the zoo was right to take the action they chose and others questioning why a tranquilizer wasn’t used.

Even Jane Goodall, a pioneer in our understanding of primates and considered the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees spoke up – releasing an email to the Cincinnati Zoo expressing her condolences.

Regardless of your personal stance, it’s obvious that social media, news sites, forums and message boards were a hot bed of conversation. However, as we’ve learned from the Victoria’s Secret Photoshop Fail, a lot of conversation doesn’t always mean a hurt bottom line.  How do people feel now, after almost 2 weeks since their news feeds and news sources were flooded with the incident?

Humanele took to Twitter to find out how people felt about the three hottest topics to come out of this event.

When it comes to the hotly debated topic of Zoo’s, people still believe Zoo’s should remain open – with only 27% of people thinking they should be closed. Although 28% just don’t care anymore.

Overall, people seem to be siding with Harambe on this one, with 35% of voters believing the Cincinnati Zoo overreacted.