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Social Media Politics – A Personality Contest?

posted by Humanele on July 22, 2016

Smartphones are transforming politics, just as two other technologies have done so in the last hundred years. In the 1920s, candidates began using the radio to communicate with the public. These disembodied voices augmented the sense of intimacy felt between politicians and the American public. In the 1960s, television gave candidates their bodies back, yet now they needed to perfect a confident, charming demeanor–image was everything. Today, with the rise of the smartphone, the third technological transformation is underway. Now, politicians are building their social media presences in an attempt to connect daily with voters. Thus, with the advent of…

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5 ways PR pros can use social media sentiment

posted by Humanele on July 11, 2016

Social media metrics don’t always tell you the full story. Too often, they lack context, telling you the “what” but not the “why” or “how.” However, one metric that stands out from the rest is “sentiment.” Social media sentiment—a feeling, emotion, attitude or opinion conveyed in a brand mention—is a measurement that can add context to other metrics. It’s important to get as much context as possible around online mentions. PR pros should know how big the conversations about their brands or clients are, but you also should know how people are talking about you. Is it glowing praise? Bashing rants? Utter…

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Sentiment analysis tools amp up customer-centric strategy

posted by Humanele on June 16, 2016

Companies are turning to sentiment analysis to learn what customers think. But customer sentiment is complex and can fall prey to misinterpretation.   Understanding how customers think is an area of laser focus for companies; listening to the voice of the customer is the key to better sales and customer retention. In response, organizations are turning their processes and technology infrastructure upside down to gain better insight into customers. While technology alone does not make a company customer-focused, it can certainly help. And one way is by using sentiment analysis tools. Sentiment analysis gauges a customer’s attitude and preferences in relation…

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What happened to Harambe?

posted by Humanele on June 9, 2016

Just last week, you couldn’t scroll through your Facebook feed, open Instagram or watch TV without hearing about what happened to Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo. On May 28th a young zoo visitor fell into Harambe’s enclosure, resulting in the Zoo’s decision to shoot the animal. Social media, protestors and news sites took sides as arguments erupted – some saying the zoo was right to take the action they chose and others questioning why a tranquilizer wasn’t used. Even Jane Goodall, a pioneer in our understanding of primates and considered the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees spoke up – releasing…

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The Meanest Places on the Internet

posted by Humanele on May 11, 2016

  The Meanest Places on the Internet? The Internet is boundless, full of everything you could ever wish to read or see.  With such a large unregulated space, where people can anonymously speak their mind (and often without repercussions), there are bound to be some bad apples. We’ve poked around in the dark corners so you don’t have to and put together a list of the meanest places on the web.   Reddit   Reddit is often referred to as the front page of the internet – unfiltered and live, it’s the place where anything goes. Reddit is also an…

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