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The Harsh Realities of Being a Woman on Social Media

posted by Humanele on April 22, 2016

  Being a woman on social media can be unsafe. A research finds nearly half of women experiencing abuse or harassment online, and 76% of those under 30.   Harassment of women online is at risk of becoming “an established norm in our digital society”, with women under 30 particularly vulnerable, according to the creators of a new Australian study. Nearly half the 1,000 respondents in the research by the digital security firm Norton had experienced some form of abuse or harassment online. Among women under 30, the incidence was 76%. Harassment ranged from unwanted contact, trolling, and cyberbullying to sexual harassment…

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Political Sentiment Analysis: March Debates

posted by Humanele on March 11, 2016

Curious about how Political Sentiment Analysis works – check it out here! On March 9 we watched as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton went head to head in the latest round of debates. The tone of the debate was a lot less civil than we have seen earlier in the election race, as the two candidates for the Democratic party turned up the heat on their opinions, now focussing on where the other candidate falls short instead of on their own policies. Then on March 10 we entered round 12 of the Republican Presidential Debates that were surprisingly civil given…

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YouTube Sentiment Analysis and The Oscars

posted by Humanele on January 29, 2016

One night a year, millions of individuals all over the world turn on their tvs to watch one of the greatest award ceremonies for both movie makers and movie viewers alike – the Oscars. The Oscars takes place on the night of February 28th, leaving around a month to watch as many Oscar-nominated films as possible. With such limited time, it’s crucial to be selective about what films to watch, leaving us at the doorstep of one of our favorite movie assessing tools: trailers. A single movie trailer has the ability to either send viewers  running for the theater or…

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NFL Fans React to St Louis Rams Relocation to LA

posted by Humanele on January 13, 2016

The Rams owner, Stan Kroenke, announced that the St Louis Rams will be relocating as the LA Rams. Fans’ reaction, on article comment sections, message boards and social media, voiced disappointment and anger with the decision. Kroenke recognized that a relocation can be a “painful process for fans, teams and the league in general.” While Kroenke took a “great deal of pride in stability,” he hinted that St Louis facilities underserved the team. Nevertheless, after Kroenke’s formal statement, NFL viewers took to the online community to share their own opinions and reasonings. A sentiment analysis of the NFL Rams relocation demonstrates…

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5 Jobs That Can’t Be Replaced by Robots (Yet!)

posted by Humanele on December 2, 2015

We’ve all seen The Jetsons and wished we had our own Rosie, or watched as Wallace and Gromit’s morning routine was simplified by the use of a few “robots”, but in 2015 these previously science fiction ideals are a little closer to home with the invention of Roomba’s and Smart Homes. However, in the wake of all this technology – what are a few jobs that can’t be replaced by robots, at least not yet? 1. Customer Service It’s the worst kind of job (being nice to people who don’t appreciate it), but someone has to do it. Unfortunately, that someone…

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