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NFL Fans React to St Louis Rams Relocation to LA

posted by Humanele on January 13, 2016

The Rams owner, Stan Kroenke, announced that the St Louis Rams will be relocating as the LA Rams. Fans’ reaction, on article comment sections, message boards and social media, voiced disappointment and anger with the decision. Kroenke recognized that a relocation can be a “painful process for fans, teams and the league in general.” While Kroenke took a “great deal of pride in stability,” he hinted that St Louis facilities underserved the team. Nevertheless, after Kroenke’s formal statement, NFL viewers took to the online community to share their own opinions and reasonings. A sentiment analysis of the NFL Rams relocation demonstrates…

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5 Jobs That Can’t Be Replaced by Robots (Yet!)

posted by Humanele on December 2, 2015

We’ve all seen The Jetsons and wished we had our own Rosie, or watched as Wallace and Gromit’s morning routine was simplified by the use of a few “robots”, but in 2015 these previously science fiction ideals are a little closer to home with the invention of Roomba’s and Smart Homes. However, in the wake of all this technology – what are a few jobs that can’t be replaced by robots, at least not yet? 1. Customer Service It’s the worst kind of job (being nice to people who don’t appreciate it), but someone has to do it. Unfortunately, that someone…

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The Top 3 Anti Black Friday Arguments from Customers

posted by Humanele on November 18, 2015

It’s the start of the holiday season, bringing cheer and criticism across America. While Thanksgiving brings its own type of stress and family drama, Black Friday initiates debates about holiday traditions. Whether photos of families waiting in line late Thursday night or footage of physical fights over “exclusive” deals, online discussion about Black Friday can be as bleak as winter snowstorms. Nevertheless, retailers still offer Black Friday specials, which earns media coverage and thus online conversation. Criticism by keyboards take place anywhere from news sources’ comment sections to social media platforms. But not every customer has the same complaint. Generally, Black…

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Consumer Sentiment: Victoria’s Secret Photoshop Fail Won’t Alter Business

posted by Humanele on October 9, 2015

When it comes to Photoshop fails, some brands get burned by consumer sentiment (71% of consumers admit that on-line conversations have an impact on purchasing decisions) while the others can airbrush the bad PR away. A consumer sentiment analysis of Victoria’s Secret photoshop fail proves that scandals affect brands differently. It’s hardly alarming when Victoria’s Secret faces backlash about their body ideals from consumers. After all, the brand instills “idealistic” body standards every day on their website, in stores and on advertising platforms. So when Victoria’s Secret posted a photo of an Angel facing a wall, topless, modeling a new cheeky underwear…

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Social Media Sentiment: HONY Case Study

posted by Humanele on September 29, 2015

There may be 8.4 million residents in New York, but there’s 15 million Humans of New York fans. With “HONY” followers sharing, liking and commenting on daily photos, the page earns impressive reach, engagement and media coverage. Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York page shares candid interviews and photos of strangers on social media. Almost five years after the project start date, Stanton has interviewed President Barack Obama, toured the Middle East with the United Nations, and raised millions of dollars for charities. Yet its comments section also makes Internet history. Not just because celebrities and political figures share opinions on…

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