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Sentiment Analysis in 2017: Know Your Audience

posted by Humanele on August 21, 2017

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The year is 2017 and it’s we’ve already seen massive strides in social media innovation. Big data aggregation, highly emotive and engaging content, as well as accurate sentiment analysis are all key to making your digital presence known in 2017. Sentiment analysis being a key trend of high importance, below are a few newest sentiment tactics that will strengthen your marketing this year and into the next.

New applications

If 2016 was anything to take heed from, it’s that sentiment reaches far beyond the marketing realm for possible applications. With the US election and Bexit dominating media and social media, accurate social analytics have definitely breached purely consumer-oriented spaces.

With new industries seeing the benefits of sentiment segmentation and analysis, there have been increased developments in the field. Social media activity can now be leveraged to generate detailed data and insight.

The number of likes, shares and engagement will always remain relevant, but 2017 brings a new era of exploring the conversations that are taking place, and also where they are taking place.

Predictions based on sentiment trends

This year brings new opportunities for brands and other entities seeking to understand the trends in conversation that will allow them to predict marketability, whether consumer based or not.

In the corporate space, businesses have moved into focusing more on how people think and feel. In the public and governmental arenas, the focus is on gathering more information to alleviate surprises in elections, conflicts and social movements, although these types of predictions are easier said than done, especially when pride is on the line.

In the commercial space, greater retargeting efforts and customisation based on demography means more specific advertising to the right audiences.

2017: a new era for social media analysis

This year brings with it a need for human machine learning, but in the meantime the industry will see a push human-based manual aggregation and segmentation processes. With the capabilities of purely algorithm-driven approaches beginning to plateau, this human element is necessary for better sentiment analysis.

Instead of companies remaining exclusive to platforms and analytics dashboards within a marketing team, sentiment and it’s applications will become integral to business strategy and decision making across a wide variety of organizations.

With an increasingly impressive track record in 2016 and 2017…2018 will likely be the year that sees human-integrated, sentiment-driven analytics begin to truly come of age.