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Sentiment Analysis on Reddit

posted by Humanele on September 30, 2014

Known as ‘the front page of the internet’, Reddit has been responsible for a vast number of posts going ‘viral’. Reddit is an anonymous social media platform where, unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, users do not divulge any demographic information about themselves. The nature of reddit and the way it works can make it incredibly frustrating for brands to track user sentiment across all social media.

Reddit provides a unique insight as profiles are anonymous and no analytics are available to each account, meaning the ability for businesses to capitalize on this information is limited without the use of 3rd party services, such as Humanele.

Reddit has increased in popularity over the last few years, with a substantial spike in September 2014 following the announcement of it’s mobile app for AMA’s (Ask Me Anything). As reddit continues to gain popularity, brands need to monitor the ongoing conversation, to intercept any potentially negative press that could gain traction on the anonymous site.


Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.45.21 PM.png
Humanele took to Reddit to analyze consumer sentiment towards Quiznos and it’s major competitors. Analyzed across several subreddits, the results showed several themes across what elicited positive versus negative consumer sentiment.



The majority of negative consumer sentiment was attributed to cancelled items and policy changes. Other comments discussed competitor comparisons and general Quiznos responses to customer inquiries.

The information obtained through Reddit can be used to identify popular brand activities, quantify past marketing campaign effectiveness, intercept negative PR, determine campaign effectiveness, assess competitor sentiment and build a consumer profile for anonymous users. Read more about Sentiment Analysis on Reddit in this whitepaper.