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Sites Like Fiverr: The Top 8 Alternatives

posted by Humanele on March 27, 2017

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There’s a few really compelling reasons why you would want to find other sites like Fiverr as freelance alternatives. Fiverr is notorious for not paying the skilled user very well with their commission being 20% and hundreds of people offering jobs for as low as $5 it makes is very hard to make a living from this one site. Yes, many people have touted making hundreds from Fiverr, but truly, at what cost?

These Fiverr alternatives might be just what you need!

The Top 8 Sites Like Fiverr:

1. FiverUp

This one is a direct website that’s entirely similar to Fiverr and works in much the same way while offering a lot more options.

Using FiverUp you have the following user functions:

  • Buy and sell gigs from $4 to $100

  • Shipping

  • Instant Delivery

  • Video Gigs

  • Push your gig to front page once per day FREE.

  • Free account verification for more sales.

  • Express Delivery

  • Gig Extras

  • No withdrawal limit

  • They tweet to 100K followers

  • They post your gigs on

2. SEOClerks

This website is specifically for SEO and internet marketing experts. The great thing about it is the wide range of money you can ask for in return for your services. You can ask for just $1 for a small job or as high as $999 for high value projects.

3. Zeerk

For freelancers, working at Zeerk can be much more worth your while. You can charge as much as $100 per gig. The biggest bonus is that for small jobs, costing $2 or $5, there is no commision!

4. GigBucks

This is a very popular alternative to Fiverr, allowing users to host gigs for all the same categories found on Fiverr. The main difference for this site is that the minimum rate for gigs is $5 instead of $4. You’re able to post as many gigs as you like too, so it’s a real must try for existing Fiverr users wanting to branch out.

5. Roundshelf

Roundshel is very similar to Fiverr. The interface works the same way and offers much of the same options, like:

  • Buy and sell gigs from $5 to $20

  • Shipping

  • Instant Delivery

  • Video Gigs

  • Express Delivery

  • Gig Extras

  • No withdrawal limit

  • They tweet to 20K followers

6. Tenrr

This one is another clone of Fiverr. Although, when comparing to Fiverr, this site comes up short in the profitability category. The site has a lower commission rate than Fiverr but allowing for gigs as low as $1 means that freelancers are having to most lower and lower prices to be competitive and, honestly, $1 is too low for most work.

7. Dollar3

This website is a lot better than Fiverr or some of the alternatives. Here you can host gigs for multiples of 3, and the payment system runs through PayPal and AlertPay.

8. Fourerr

This site is very specific. Post gigs for $4, that’s it. The rest is all the same as Fiverr, including the 20% commision.