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Importance of Social Media Sentiment

posted by Humanele on December 19, 2016

Social media sentiment analysis can completely change the way you interact with your digital community, often leading to improved online business.

If done correctly, social media sentiment analysis can help; determine marketing strategy, improve campaign success, improve product messaging, improve customer service, test business KPIs and generate better leads.

However, most social media analysis vendors will admit (unwillingly) that their sentiment analysis algorithm will not be 100% accurate. This means you cannot blindly follow social media sentiment analysis, because the results could be a disaster for your business. So what does a good analysis look like and what can you look for to determine this? We’re here to help.

Sentiment analysis is a very complex and not just a feature in a social media tool, simply because sentiment varies so drastically that it’s extremely hard to categorize. You probably recognize the complexity when you realize how often people misinterpret conversations or mis-comprehend the written word, so how can an algorithm sort through it all? Elements such as sarcasm and jardon make things particularly difficult.

Social media sentiment is specifically important because it can give insight to how your businesses is perceived by consumers. Gone are the days of customer trials and surveys, the information you need now comes straight to you, and it’s now more accurate than ever.

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Important information social media sentiment analysis can provide:


While you may feel you have a good understanding of who you are trying to reach, social media sentiment analysis can uncover new segments to target and also help you understand the level of importance each segment should hold for the business.


Not just the social platforms that your audiences regularly use, but the blogs they read and the forums and groups they engage with. Where can also lead to the geography of your audience base, if you are looking at multi-lingual activity, where best to start.


When is the best time to engage with your audience, when will you get better levels of awareness, engagement and response.


Across some selected keywords measure the share of voice against key competitors to understand how effective your social activity has been. Also to understand their Tone of Voice (TOV), the content they produce and themes.


What is already working with your target audience? What do they seem to be receptive to? What are they talking about?


Include triggers in the buying process, pain points the audience may have that you could solve, hot topics they are discussing which you could piggy back or have an opinion on and finally sentiment, how happy, upset or neutral commentary is. This is where you can begin to drive some of the biggest insights that will help inform a multitude of strategy, tactics and actions.

Social media sentiment analysis is a difficult technology to get right. However, when you do, the benefits are great. Look for a vendor that treats sentiment analysis seriously and shows advancements and updates in their analysis technology.