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The Meanest Places on the Internet

posted by Humanele on May 11, 2016


The Meanest Places on the Internet?

The Internet is boundless, full of everything you could ever wish to read or see.  With such a large unregulated space, where people can anonymously speak their mind (and often without repercussions), there are bound to be some bad apples. We’ve poked around in the dark corners so you don’t have to and put together a list of the meanest places on the web.




Reddit is often referred to as the front page of the internet – unfiltered and live, it’s the place where anything goes. Reddit is also an excellent source of information, with trending topics quickly skyrocketing to the homepage. But in amongst the endless cat gifs, Reddit contains some of the most evil things we’ve ever seen.




Twitter – where you can instantly broadcast your nastiest thoughts to the whole world!  Twitter is similar to Reddit, in that content is immediately viewable to anyone, anywhere. It’s a great way to determine what topics or phrases are popular, but it’s also terrible for people saying exactly what they’re thinking. Celebrities seem to take the brunt of it, with Kimmel’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets showcasing the worst (/best) of what Twitter has to offer.



League of Legends / DotA


People these days take video games very seriously.  The industry has quickly morphed from playing Super Mario in your friend’s basement, to sold out arena’s for League of Legends and DotA tournaments broadcast worldwide. With millions of dollars of prize money at stake, tempers are bound to flair.  The slang that these players come up with to call each other nasty names is unbelievable – noob, mouth breather and feeder to name a few. And don’t you dare make a mistake- you’re feel the wrath of anonymous angry teens and men.

The Meanest Places on the Internet


There you have it, the meanest places on the internet! It seems to be the sites that attract the most viewers are also the most controversial, with each of these garnering millions of viewers or users a month.